Forum Title: Connection Detail On Fir Trellis
I've got a small trellis to build. I don't even know if I'd call it a trellis. It is more like a bunch of foh (sp?) rafters over a patio. Anyway there is a 6x8 Fir beam across the patio. 2x6 fir rafters will attach to the house (plumb cut) and run out onto the beam at the seat. they will run by the beam maybe a 1' or so. Question I have is... Trying to figure the best way to attach the rafters to the beam. What I think I am going to do is create a notch in the beam the same pitch as the rafters and run the rafters through and make the notch deep enough so that it locks the rafters in place and helps prevent them from twisting etc. then I was going to run a timberlock screw or equivalent stainless screw down through the top of the rafter into the beam to lock them in place. Bung the screw hole and be done. I've done this before but it was covered by a roof. This time the wood is all exposed, so I'm a little worried about the slot in the 6x8 being a problem with moisture in the long run. Any thoughts as to best approach for this? Thanks, Nick.
Category: General Contractor Post By: KIM LARSON (Anaheim, CA), 02/02/2018

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