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Story time Last week my bosss did a small hob of removing part of a bed room wall to make it bigger/add closet. I got called to do the mud and tape due to children with sevear allergies. Im a better taper then they are. The topic of trim came up frim somewhere. There is the basic crown uptop with the fake 12x tile. On the base its a stained 1x6 if i rember right. On top of the 1x is a peice of decorative molding. We found crown to match but did not have enough of the decorative molding for the top of the 1x. I have never saw this style molding before. Im guessing its older then me. I took a sample peice with me to see if i could make it in case my bosses could not find it anywhere On the left is the decorative peice for the base. Right is a peice of crown. I made both of these useing nothinf but the cheapest table saw ive ever used. Both were just rough samples to see if i could even do it. No dado blades, no router. Today i made 24 feet of the base Took me 5 and a half hours useinf.nothing but a table saw for rough, belt sander for smoothing, hand sand for finish. Anyone else ever run into something like this and im sure there has to be an easier way to make it then i did.
Category: General Contractor Post By: YVONNE CURTIS (Coeur d'Alene, ID), 03/17/2018

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